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Web Development

Starting your own business? Whatever you want to build - website, blog, business card site, one-page lending, forum, social network, directory - you website will be designed by professionals, be responsive (readable on all types of devices), quick loading and SEO-ready by default.

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All Types Of Design

Order website, mobile application design, infographics, banners, books, posters, business cards, product design.

You have more than 10 options for choosing the style: Flat design, Google material design, Clean minimalism, Futurism, Illustrated, Beautiful typography, and nostalgic Retro or Grunge etc.

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Unique Content

To attract traffic to your web resource, we write various types of content: products descriptions, news, posts in social networks. Frequently Asked IT, Education, Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant business, Construction topics. Our texts are 90-100% grammatically correct and unique by default.

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Do you know who your customers are and what they want? How to surpass your competitors? how to improve your product to get more sales? Let's find out! Welcome bonus: when you order website development from Sellia & Usia Rable, you get a short marketing analysis for free.

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More potential customers will find your site if pay more attention to promotion in search engines. New site needs a set of SEO-events, old one needs support. We do all types of optimization using only safe methods. We know how to make friends your website with search engines.

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Sales Outsourcing

To earn more customers, entrust sales of your product to professionals. We will easily find hundreds or thousands of your potential customers, make mailings, make calls, promote your company in social networks and freelance websites, finding projects according to your needs.

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Stages of work

Selia & Usia Rable is specialized in creating and promoting business projects in Internet. Let's consider the main stages of cooperation with us

Few words about John

John Doe is a beginning businessman who decided to open his own business. He carefully thought out his idea, wrote how it would be useful to others, how to make it profitable, thought about its implementation.

Since John had no experience in business, he turned to Sellia & Usia Rable, which promised to quickly and effectively create and promote his idea.

Necessary documents for starting

Found on this link, he filled out the brief, and after a couple of hours he was given a work plan according to the available budget.

Since John at that time was not yet a millionaire, his initial budget was small. But this did not become a problem, as Sellia & Usia Rable offered him special conditions for start-ups.

John signed a contract with Sellia & Usia Rable, paid 50% of the advance payment for the site, got a link to the progress page and waited.

In the meantime

While the site was in development, he took up the internal arrangement of the company: looked for suppliers, bought equipment, hired staff, rented a room, settled with the company's registration.

Marketing research

When ordering the site John received a bonus - free short marketing analysis from Sellia & Usia Rable. After reading the document, he learned a few things critical for business.

For example, that the production of finishing materials is the fastest growing direction (John wanted to build a construction business), and the main consumers are retail buyers.

This knowledge allowed us to choose the most successful direction for the start, as well as the right channels and strategy for promotion. At the end of the document, a promotion plan was proposed with all the details.

Marketing Research in more details.

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Standard version >

Marketing Research samples

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Copywriting services >

Website Development

John knew that there are ready-made templates for websites, so he decided not to spend money on expensive website creation from scratch and chose a modern theme based on HTML. Why not CMS? - you ask. The thing is that John was going to change the content on the site no more than once a month and the heavy admin panel CMS was unnecessary to him.

The theme was very beautiful, its structure corresponded to the planned structure of the site, so the changes were minimal - asked only to change the colors, add space for several services, add a few additional pages, using variants of the elements from the theme bundle.

Throughout the development of the site, he could observe the progress of the progress page. When the text "Done 100%" appeared there, he carefully checked the work and paid the remaining 50%.

By the way, the site cost him only $ 250, which allowed him to save money and send them for further filling and promotion of the resource.

Promote a website

The created site was ready for optimization for search engines. Remaining after the development of funds John sent to further promotion of the site in search engines.

There was a lot of work for internal and external optimization. It was necessary to select a semantic core, distribute key queries on pages, write texts with keywords, correctly make linking, install analytics tools on the site, provide an advertising campaign and other events.

There was no limit to the John's happiness, when his site got to Top10 on one of the requests. Calls and orders suddenly fell to him. There was a need for an effective sales department.

Sales managers should sell

By the time John had several managers who worked with clients. John understood that his managers need to be regularly trained, give leave, pay taxes on wages. At the same time, they were not as effective as we would like. Therefore, he decided to leave the managers for work with clients, and rent active salesmen from Sellia & Usia Rable.

This gave an unexpectedly high tide of new customers. Some found John's company on the directories on the Internet, others appeared by e-mail and phone, while others wrote in social. networks, the fourth came thanks to positive reviews on review-websites.


After a while he decided to expand his business to other countries. Sellia & Usia Rable were delighted with the well-being of their client and agreed to translate the site, all contracts, acts into several languages. Later he opened representative offices in other countries. So his company became international.

Ongoing support

Until now, John has been actively cooperating with Sellia & Usia. Rable periodically orders website updates, blog articles, client searches, translations of documents for foreign clients, and ongoing support for SEO.


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Sellia & Usia Rable

Mockup for web design studio.

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Website for a Translation Studio.

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Website for Karifood fish restaurant.

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Website for 3d studio Case-3d.

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Website for Kelidee company.

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Website for a reastaurant Rawenergie.

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Translation of the brochure on the crypto currency topic (EN-RU).


Translation of Services Description for digital studio's website (DE-FR).


Translation of specifications for laboratories (RU-EN).

our partners

For us, the real work is just beginning, but we are grateful to all the partners who supported us throughout the beginning and are glad to each new partner.

Pricing Table

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Design & Development


$500/ project

Ideal for those who only start own business or want to update their site to get more leads.

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Content, SEO, SEA, SMM & Other


$300/ month

The next step after website creation is its promotion. You get full SEO and texts for your web.

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Full Marketing Package & PR


$350 / month

For those who want to develop business, get super-profit and become famous in their niche.

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Active Sales Outsourcing


$500 / month

We will arrange for you a remote Sales Department. You will get projects and hot customer base.

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